Replica Dior Sneakers

Luxury brands openly and loudly embracing the streetwear movement is nothing new. Nor is it a brief or casual involvement; a mere dalliance.

The brand has a rich history, full of impressive creatives and classic designs. Christian Dior is synonymous with feminine beauty and classic, timeless fashion. The French brand, which dates back to the 1940s, has been providing women all over the world with some of the most beautiful garments, whether it’s a ready-to-wear dress fit for a cocktail party, or a haute couture, red carpet gown that will command the attention of everyone in the room.

Christian Dior’s eponymous brand is also one that has stood the test of time, evolving with each creative leader that has walked through its doors. The fashion house has hosted some of the most incredible talent in the industry and will surely continue to do so for years to come.

The mention of Dior brand raises eyebrows, especially to those that understand its history. The Dior brand is one of the most respected in the world that produces quality shoes for women. The company is known to have continuity in releasing new classic shoes over the years to provide consumers with their taste and demand.

The idea behind Dior shoes was the mastermind of Christian Dior collaboration with iconic designer Roger Vivier, who was the architect of the Dior foundational designs for 10-years during the company early days. The Dior brand produces well-engineered designs that are lavish, while some adorned with unique jewels decorations bringing out the sophistication and accuracy for decoration and form.

Dior sneakers

Replica Dior Platform Sneakers

Dior Walk'N'Dior Low Top sneakers

Dior Walk'N'Dior Low Top sneakers

Dior Walk’N’Dior Low Top sneakers Features:

The Walk’N’Dior sneakers are crafted in black cotton canvas for a classic design with a casual appeal. These shoes feature tonal calfskin inlays and metal details with an antiqued gold finish, and a “CHRISTIAN DIOR J’ADIOR” signature on the rubber sole and laces. This style will add a modern touch to any look.

  • “CHRISTIAN DIOR J’ADIOR” logo printed on sole and laces
  • Leather inserts and antique gold-plated hardware
  • Rubber sole with star, Christian Dior’s lucky sign
  • non-removable laces



One of the brand’s signature styles, the D-Connect sneaker features a Cupidon pattern that resonates with the collection’s Greek inspiration through a romantic print. The white, red and black tech style features a platform sole, rubber details and a round toe with a white leather insert. Its variety of materials and the “DIOR” logo give it a highly modern look.

  • Clear rubber insert
  • ‘DIOR’ laces
  • front and back labels
  • ‘DIOR’ rubber sole with Christian Dior lucky symbol star
  • Supplied with extra laces

Fake Dior sneakers

Dior-ID Sneaker

Dior-ID Sneaker

Dior-ID Sneaker Features:

Dior-ID sneakers are presented in a new version with modern details. It’s made from white calfskin and has a tonal transparent rubber platform sole. A textured rubber insert conceals the laces and reveals a blue star, and its adhesive pull tab features a gold-finish ‘DIOR-ID’ logo. Add a modern touch to any look with these sturdy-soled sneakers.

  • ‘DIOR-ID’ signature side pull tab
  • Rubber insert with ‘CHRISTIAN DIOR’ logo on the back
  • Notched clear rubber sole with stars
  • Christian Dior lucky sign

Dior Solar Slip-On Dior Oblique Sneaker

Dior Solar Slip-On Dior Oblique Sneaker Features:

The Dior Oblique Solar sneaker highlights the iconic Dior Oblique pattern. Fully embroidered with a grey Dior Oblique pattern, the slip-on stretch style is easy to wear and coordinates with other Dior Oblique pieces in the collection.

  • post label
  • padded collar
  • Stretch inserts on both sides
  • Christian Dior lucky symbol star on white textured rubber sole
Dior Solar Slip-On Dior Oblique Sneaker