How do I get good football boots?

Basically, a good football boot needs to be rigid from toe to heel, but flexible as your foot flexes across the width. However, there is more. To play at your best, you need a football boot that fits perfectly, so every touch is accurate and powerful. If you have wide feet, be sure to look for a suitable design.

History of Adidas Football Boots

There is no doubt that Adidas football boots are already one of the biggest football boot brands. Now, let’s take a brief look at the historical process of Adidas football boots. As we all know, Adidas has been at the forefront of football boot manufacturing since Adidasler made his first pair of football boots. As player technology improves and competitiveness increases, adidas adapts to the changing game with highly innovative products.

1920 Adi Dassler made his first pair of “handmade” sneakers in his mother’s 20 m² toilet in Herzogenaurach, Germany.

In 1925, 12 people, including family members, were producing 50 pairs of shoes a day. During this time, Adi Dassler produced his first football boots with studded leather studs.

1927 Adi moves into the Gebrüder Dassler building with the goal of producing 1,000 perfect pairs of sneakers a day.

1950 Adidas produces the legendary Samba, the first football boot with a moulded multi-stud rubber sole.

1954 Just before the World Cup final in Switzerland, the pre-match drizzle suddenly turned into a downpour. Opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared, however, and Adi Dassler is ready, he has been preparing adidas screw-in studs for months, and in less than an hour, he uses longer studs Replaced the spikes for the German team. While Hungary was still struggling in the thick mud, Germany went on to score the winning goal to lift the World Cup trophy.

1956 Adi Dassler pioneered the idea of ​​using nylon soles for sneakers.

1962 New to the 1962 FIFA World Cup™, Chile is a football boot with ankle padding, rear tabs and side lacing anchors. The players love these football boots and have worn them in 32 games.

1974 At the 1974 FIFA World Cup in Germany, Adidas introduced football boots using kangaroo leather and a moulded rivet outsole.

1977 The sole of the first football boot was made of two different densities of material.

Since then, Adidas has begun to lead the trend of football shoes, combining practical and trendy elements to the extreme, which is seamless and has become the first choice for football players in any football venue.


Adidas Mens Football Boots

PS: What shoes does Messi wear?
What shoes does Messi wear? Messi is currently wearing the Adidas X Speedflow. 1 cleat in “Sky Rush/Team Shock Pink/Cloud White” retails for $250. To coincide with the end of the Champions League, Messi also got his own signed adidas X Speedflow boots.



The pitch becomes your playground when sharp instincts blend into lightning-fast rhythms. Find your football rhythm in adidas X. These laceless cleats support mind speed and foot speed. Their Carbitex carbon inserts and raised forefoot help inspire explosive straight-line acceleration, while their stable Agilitycage keeps you steady through bumps and turns. Whether you’re flying at full speed or ready to pounce, the laceless adidas PRIMEKNIT skin infuses you with comfort and confidence. The graphics of the UEFA Champions League are rendered perfectly.

Regular fit
Laceless vacuum fit
adidas PRIMEKNIT textile upper
3D Cushioned Heel
Speedframe outsole with Carbitex carbon insert
UEFA Champions League Graphics

Adidas Football Boots X SPEEDFLOW+ FG

The new adidas X Speedflow redefines what it means to be fast. The latest generation adidas Speed Slipper X Speedflow is designed to enhance the key elements of playing fast football; acceleration, agility and intuition. X Speedflow’s zero-disturbance fit helps players of all levels – including Messi – reach new levels of speed.

Laceless vacuum fit
adidas Primeknit textile upper
3D molded heel
Laser cut TPU cage
Rugged ground outsole



When you have the edge, the field is full of possibilities. Watch the action from a whole new perspective in the adidas Predator. The Zone Skin upper on these football boots showcases UEFA Champions League graphics, with separate ribbed sections for different types of ball contact. A weighted Power Facet in the forefoot adds glamour to the shot. An adaptive adidas PRIMEKNIT collar keeps you locked in.

Recoded for a new generation of dominance, the adidas Predator Edge adds an extra dimension to your game with the upper’s strategically positioned control zone and innovative power-concentrating soleplate.

Meanwhile, the all-new FacetFrame soleplate redistributes the weight of the cleats to the forefoot, and the Power Facet at the toe creates a pendulum effect to optimize energy transfer at impact—aka booming cross-court passing and Unstoppable long range shots.

Regular fit
lace closure
adidas PRIMEKNIT upper
2-Piece adidas PRIMEKNIT Collar
Regional skin rubber control area
Rugged ground outsole


Some players need attention. But the truly enlightened operate under the radar, cutting through the noise with the lightest touch. Focus on your football instinct in the adidas Copa Sense. These faux-grass studs reduce distraction with a stretchy adidas Primeknit collar and foam Sensepods at the heel, filling in the gaps for a locked-in fit. The supple K-leather forefoot blends seamlessly with the collar, and a pair of Touchpods provide a cushioned touch that lets you pull cords out of the shadows.

lace closure
K-leather upper
adidas Primeknit Collar
Artificial grass outsole



The spine is designed to be more aggressive, and in addition to providing top-notch control on catch and dribble, it also allows for outrageous dips and turns when shooting. For comfort and convenience, the low-top Pred’s compressed Primeknit upper features an ergonomic, easy-access collar that adapts to the shape of your foot, keeping you safe and ready to play.

Every time you cross that white line, you enter a whole new world. An alternate reality where you call the shots. The pitch is under your control. Unleash your inner geek in the adidas Predator. These football boots feature a two-piece collar for easy access and a mid-cut for extra support. The adidas Primeknit textile upper wraps your foot for a secure lock in. Extensive aggressive Demonskin 2.0 spikes ensure you have just as much impact on the ball as you have on your opponent.

With the Demonskin 2.0 piercing covering nearly the entire midfoot and forefoot, the adidas Predator Freak .1 raises the intimidating factor in both appearance and performance.

lace closure
adidas Primeknit textile upper
Comfortable, sock-like feel
Demonskin 2.0 Rubber Strike Zone
Artificial grass outsole

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Are adidas football boots too big or too small?

Are the football boots the correct size? As mentioned above, Nike, Adidas and all major football boot brands are sizing. Gone are the days when brands had slightly different sizes.

Are football boots too tight to play football?

It is best to wear the correct size football boots for your feet. Your boots should fit, but not too tight, so that you can move easily on the court.

Which adidas shoe is the best football boot?

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