What is stockx sneakers?

Stockx sneakers founded in 2015, StockX is an online marketplace for buying and selling sneakers. The site acts as a middleman between buyers and sellers, making resale market transactions safe and sound, which could otherwise have a dark side.

Does Stockx sell anything else?

Yes, Stockx is an online marketplace for buying and selling sneakers, but at the same time Stockx acts as a middleman for luxury watches, designer handbags, streetwear and other collectibles. All products are certified by experts in their respective fields.

Is StockX legal? Will you sell fake products?

Is StockX legal? One very sure answer is – it’s 100% legal! With over 1,000 employees, six certification centers, and operations in nearly 200 countries, StockX is definitely the real deal, so if you’re looking for the sneaker holy grail, luxury watches, or even a sought-after collectible, it’s definitely the place to be. The first place you shouldn’t miss!

Could the sneakers sold on StockX be fake?

Won’t. StockX has a very strict process to ensure that the goods you receive are legitimate. They have a two-stage authentication and verification process to weed out any possible fakes, representations, and deception.

Is StockX safe?

Definitely because they verify the item before shipping it to you.

How do those sneakers sell or buy on the Stockx platform?

First and foremost, StockX is a sneaker resale startup that makes sure you don’t get scammed when buying collectible shoes online. In fact, the site acts as a middleman between buyers and sellers, making resale market transactions that could otherwise have a dark side safe and secure. StockX authenticates all products before sending them to you, so you never have to worry about scammers and fakes.

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How exactly does the StockX sneaker authentication process work?

StockX has six certification centers around the world, and every item goes through a rigorous multi-step verification process to ensure your purchases are 100% legitimate. First, StockX only allows slow-moving items on its marketplace, which means every item bought or sold must be brand new and never worn. Next stop, perform an extensive analysis of the material structure using a checklist of over 100 data points, and repeat this for the packaging.

StockX also provides data available to buyers and sellers, such as current market value, number of items sold, and item profit and loss. This information can be used to ensure that you never overpay or undersell.

How can I sell sneakers on StockX?
If you want to sell your sneakers on StockX, all you need to do is list the item for sale or sell it with the highest bid right now. When someone buys it, ship it to StockX within two business days, where they will authenticate it. When it passes the test, it will be shipped to the buyer, and if for some reason it fails, it will be returned directly to you.

How long does it take StockX to ship a package?

It usually takes 7-12 days to complete all entire orders from when the package is sent to when you receive it.

Can an order on StockX be cancelled?

Unfortunately, once a sale occurs, your inquiry or bid cannot be cancelled. The reason for this is to stop people from buying and selling things without adhering to the deal. This creates a real, active and reliable market. If you have special circumstances where you cannot complete your purchase or sale, you can contact StockX directly and explain to them. In some cases, they may stop trading, however, it is important to note that this is very rare or almost non-existent.

Stock says their mission is to offer the smartest way to buy and sell the world’s most coveted items. The most popular products to buy and sell include sneakers, apparel, electronics, collectibles, trading cards and accessories.