Using your favorite search engine, enter Air Jordan Sneakers and your results will extend beyond the search for Jordan, the country. The Jordan Brand has become so deeply ingrained in popular culture that the Air Jordan has made its way into the ranks of great sneakers of all time. As a result, Air Jordan sneakers were voted champions in the ESPN sneaker challenge, and the Air Jordan XI was the clear winner.

As well as being made famous by Michael Jordan, the American basketball player who also catapulted Nike into the world’s strongest sneaker brand, Jordan Brand sneakers come in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors. Air Jordan shoes stand out from the competition because of their innovative technology in terms of design and technology, when compared to all other sneakers of the time. It is this uniqueness that makes Nike the favorite among its competitors- stylish design with equally high technology and passion. Nike’s shoes are the Ferraris of the shoe industry.

Does fake Jordan 4s exist?

Check the label on the tongue of your Jordan 4 Reps to see if it is real or fake. Look at the font type and compare it to an authentic pair. Typically, counterfeit kicks have bold fonts. Another tells is the UPC code, or Universal Product Code, on the reverse label.

What are the signs that Jordan 4 is fake?

The style number, which usually consists of nine digits, should match the box number. Make sure the tail of the Q starts within the circle in FABRIQUE. Nike Jordan 4’s don’t have the trademarked swoosh on the side, but rather a mesh panel. Make sure the stitching around the panel is neat and even.

How much did the Jordan 4 originally cost?

This was Tinker Hatfield’s second shoe for MJ, and throughout the year, four color ways were released: “White/Cement,” “Black/Cement,” “Military Blue,” and “Fire Red.” The sneakers originally retailed for $110 USD.

What is the reason for the high price of Jordan 4s?

The reason Jordans cost so much is that there was tons of demand for the shoes, and Nike realized they could get away with charging a high price. The high demand also explains the high resell prices. Nike is also attempting to kill the resell market.

Jordans from China are fake, right?

You can purchase fake Jordans from major hubs in the United States and Europe, but most are manufactured in Asia, especially China. If the shoes are shipped from Asia, your chances of purchasing fake Jordans increase significantly.

Is there a Jordan that is the most fake?

Most faked sneaker is the Jordan 1 High ‘Dark Mocha’, which is somewhat surprising. It’s not explicitly Travis Scott collaboration, but it’s very similar to the insanely popular Travis Scott ‘Mocha’, which is why it’s so popular (and why counterfeiters clearly target it).

How long does the Jordan 4 last?

When stored properly, Air Jordans last between 7 and 10 years. Wearing them occasionally can increase this time period. Conversely, wearing them daily will speed up their deterioration.

How comfortable is the Jordan 4?

The Air Jordan 4 is not known as a comfortable shoe right out of the box thanks to the older technology. The materials are typically stiff, so some break-in is needed.

How true to size are Jordan 4s?

My experience (and many others like me) finds that the 4 rates pretty low in step-in comfort right out of the box.

There is a narrow fit combined with paneling on the interior of the replica Jordan 4 that really kills the comfort of the sneaker at true-to-size, which is the first size most people try when getting a sneaker.

As a result, if the shoe design isn’t well thought out, the seams on the inside will rub against the foot and cause blisters. The AJ4 may appear roomy from the outside, but the interior fit is snug, pressing the seams down on the toes and the bridge of the foot.

However, after wearing this for a while, there is a solution to avoid blisters and soreness.

It’s easy to get around these problems by going a half size up. While this opens up additional issues, it will improve comfort and reduce break-in time significantly.

How often does Jordan 4s break in?

We might suffer to look good in the AJ4, but the amount of time this lasts can be reduced. The sneaker will break in over time if worn extensively.

The majority of Jordan 4 retros are constructed from leather materials. It depends on the release whether the leather is stiff or somewhat pliable. Other 4s use suede or nubuck. In the long run, the upper will become much more comfortable and conform more to the wearer’s foot shape and become a much better fit over time. Softer leathers and suedes will slightly reduce the amount of pain the sneaker brings up front.

Buying a half size up will increase the amount of space in the shoe and speed up the break-in process. It does not address the issue of internal seams irritating the feet, but it does create more space.

How Replica Jordan 4 Sneakers sneakers cost?

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Is the Air Jordan 4 a good shoe for wide feet?

While the 4 appears chunky and spacious from the outside, the interior actually is quite narrow, which is surprising considering the shoe’s 80s retro appeal.

Given the overall snug and awkward fit of the 4 by today’s standards, I can’t in good conscience recommend the sneaker to someone with wide feet without recommending that they go up a half size. Even I can’t stand wearing these unless I go a half size up, and I don’t have particularly wide feet.

I still have trouble with seams hitting the bridge of my foot, particularly the knuckle of my big toe, even after a half size up. While I can squeeze my feet into a pair of true size 4s, I doubt wide footers would even be interested in this. However, the additional room creates some space there which definitely helps with a more comfortable fit up front.

It makes the sneakers fit a bit long and requires a tighter lace-up to prevent heel slippage when sizing up. This is common when sizing up shoes.

Is the Air Jordan 4 a good basketball shoe?

I would put the Air Jordan 4 strictly in the “good for hanging out and looking cool” category as opposed to doing any sort of serious athletic activity in them. While one could theoretically hoop in some retro Js, this is nowhere near ideal. While I don’t even like walking in the Air Jordan 4, I do like it for hanging out, especially if I will be sitting for a long period of time rather than standing around. Due to its long history and iconic nature, the Jordan 4 is also great for collecting.

How easy is Jordan 4s to crease?

Those who worry about creasing up fake Jordan 4 are not the only ones. I’ve found that if you actually plan on wearing Jordan 4s, you have to accept the inevitable creases in the toolbox. Whether I go true to size or a half (or even full) size up, I have never had a pair of 4s that didn’t wrinkle after a few wears.

Collectors face a dilemma here. Personally, I have learned to accept creases as part of wearing sneakers, but those who wish to keep their pairs crease-free face a dilemma. Sneakers can be collected and kept clean, but the only way to prevent creases is to never wear them. Unfortunately, this can cause a host of problems, especially if they are not stored correctly. In order to prevent long-term problems with shoes and increase their longevity, they should be worn regularly.